Saturday, August 30

I was getting tired of livejournal, so i thought i'd give blogspot a try since i like all of the blogs i read that are from this site. I'm sure it'll take me a while to get used to the site, especially because i'm not so good with computerish stuff, but we'll see.

This week at school was good and bad. I'll start with the bad. One of mytwo favorite students got arrested for fighting, which means he's going to be out for a while. I'm pretty bummed about it, especially because he's gone downhill since last year but maybe this will be good for him. Hopefully...

But, on a good note, i found out this week that i'm getting a TON of money for books. Over the summer the school did a fundraiser with the Carmel Rotary Club to get some money for me to buy books with. That fundraiser made $600, which i was totally excited about. Then, the principal got a call from the Rotary Club this week explaining that they just didn't think that $600 was enough money so they've applied for a (get ready for this) $8,000 loan for us to spend on books!!! Keep in mind that when i started at the school, i didn't get any money for books and actually had to copy several of the books that i wanted to use. The whole book. About thirty copies of the whole book. That makes the possiblity of this grant a HUGE deal.

I'm in the process of putting together a list of books i want to get if we end up getting the grant, but it's hard for me to let myself even begin to think about enough books to spend all of that money on since i was excited about $600. I would love suggestions since i can't possibly know all of the books that exist in the world, though believe me i certainly try to;)

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