Sunday, November 22

A bit of writing to clear my mind

Tonight is one of those nights where i'm totally stressed out for no apparent reason. There are a lot of little things i could blame it on, but i know that there really is no reason. I'm a person that's prone to depression and anxiety so when things get hectic or hard, i tend to either get really depressed or really anxious. And for some reason tonight it has gone to the anxious side.

Whatever the reason, i have finally reached the point in my life where i know how to deal with it. Instead of pushing myself to act as though nothing is wrong until i can't stand it anymore, i am able to admit that i'm feeling anxious. I admit that i can't handle anything more at the moment. I lit a candle; sat down with my computer, some dinner, and a glass of wine; and began to write without thinking about it first.

The past week or so has been stressful. School is busy with the students trying to bring their grades up before the end of the semester, not to mention the art club and student government that i'm trying to keep going. The apartment is messy with things that we're trying to accomplish - addressing Christmas cards, wrapping Christmas presents, keeping track of bills and receipts - and while we try to keep up with it, i'm not good at cleaning. I tend to let things go too long to the point where everything seems to be a mess. I haven't been feeling well, trying to fend off the sicknesses that have been going around. I feel unhealthy because i haven't taken the time to work out for over a week. And the worst part is that i end up taking all of these things out on Andrew because he's the one that's always around and i know that i can do that because he loves me and he'll still love me if i take things out on him. I've been trying to avoid doing that, but the more he tries to help, the more time and space i feel like i need to myself...

Which brings up another point. I've been pulling away from people because i feel that i don't have control of myself and i have to have that before i can deal with other people. So if i've let you down by not talking to you or responding to you, i'm sorry. It'll take me a few more days, probably until Thanksgiving when i can have a few days off to rest and relax, but i'll be back to normal soon.

Saturday, November 14

Why I hate Comcast

Here's the email we just sent Comcast:

We recieved a letter stating that the cost of our services (cable and internet) would not go up more than $10 a service. On our next bill, the internet went up $10, but the cable went up $30. The bill after that went up an additional $3.

My husband called 1-800-COMCAST and they couldn't explain what was going on with the billing. When he asked for further explination, he was immediately transferred to the cancellation department.

Then he chatted with a representative on your website who told him to take a copy of the letter to our local Comcast branch.

We have since visited our local Comcast branch twice. The first time we brought a copy of the letter and were told that a manager would call us the next day. We did not recieve a call at all. The second time we brought another copy of the letter and were told that a manager would call us within the week. When we explained that a manager did not call us the last time we visited the branch and asked for a direct phone number or email address we were told that they could not give those out.

We finally recieved a call from the manager, the Monday after our second visit to the local branch. She left a voicemail explaining that she was out of town often, but was at her desk at that moment and we could call her back then. When we returned her call, we reached her voicemail and left a message. We have since left two messages explaining our problem with our bill and asking her to call us. We have not recieved a call from the manager.

At this point, we have spent almost two months trying to get our questions about the bill answered. We have paid two bill with rates we feel are incorrect, so as not to be charged additional late fees.

The company credo states that "Comcast will deliver a superior experience to our customers every day" and that "we will offer the most customer-friendly and reliable service in the market." Your company and the representatives are not living up to your claim.

We have spent two months doing everything we can think of to do to have our questions about our billing answered. We have called 1-800-COMCAST, chatted on the website, visited the local branch in person, and called the local branch. We need you to tell us how to have our questions addressed.

Sunday, November 1

An Etsy shop opening

Oops! And i completely forgot to mention that my mom opened an Etsy shop! Right now she's focusing on pins and ornaments for Christmas, but if you know my mom at all, you know she'll be adding all kinds of other artsy things once Christmas is over. Please check it out!

Goal update

Review of October goals
  1. Finish writing thank you notes. Check!
  2. Put away the rest of the wedding gifts. We still have a pile, but it's slowly diminishing. And we did put away our new Pyrex that's been sitting in the kitchen for weeks.
  3. Get my clothes for colder weather out and put my clothes for warm weather away. Check!
  4. Work out at least twice a week (I've gotta start somewhere right?) I only accomplished this for two out of the four weeks, but i'm going to work on it, especially now that the holidays are getting closer and closer.
  5. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I bought a new water bottle and i've been drinking a bunch more water.
November goals
  1. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  2. Work out at least three times a week.
  3. Spend less time with technology. I'm going to attempt to limit myself to the shows i actually watch. If i am going to watch meaningless television, i have to be working out while watching.
  4. Organize the apartment, specifically by putting away the rest of the wedding gifts and organizing the storage area and the guest room closet.
  5. Go through all of the wedding pictures. Print out some and frame them for us and for others who we'll give them to as gifts. Also, keep working on my scrapbook of the engagement and wedding.