Friday, February 13


I have been working with a trainer at my gym for a while now. I already had to switch from one trainer to another once and now i found out a week ago that my current trainer was promoted to the head trainer at the Lafayette. So i tried going back to my original trainer, but i was frustrated because he doesn't know where i am or listen to me. I called my old trainer, who said that he would be in town ever other weekend and we could train together then and he'd email me and tell me what to do during the week. But that didn't happen. And he just canceled on me for tomorrow.

So i'm extremely frustrated and disappointed (because i LOVED training with him). I feel let down and discouraged and worried that i'm not going to be able to do it on my own and i'm going to backtrack... I feel like my trainer deserted me and then blew me off and, frankly, it makes me want to give up.

I know that i shouldn't depend on one person that much, but what can i say? I get attatched to people in all areas of my life, including at the gym...

Sunday, February 8

Moving on up...

...or over. That's right. Andy and i figured out where we'll be living when his lease is up in a few months. My apartment complex allows me to move to a two bedroom without breaking my lease so we toured and signed for a two bedroom, two bath apartment where we'll be living after i move over my spring break in April. Then we'll move Andy's stuff over sometime after that, since he techincally has his apartment until the end of the month.

The best part about the whole thing is that they have this program where they can give you the best rate on your apartment to the day based on the availability, which means that they were able to tell us when the best rate would be and lock us into that rate. And it's only a little over a hundred dollars more than what i'm paying for my one bedroom, one bath now! Yay!

Besides that, i've had a productive weekend. Sarah and i went bridesmaid dress shopping on Friday and found what we think is the dress. Then on Saturday i went to Pyoca with my fam and a group of church people where we spent the day getting high on fumes from all of the wood we were staining. If you can picture the basement of the lodge, we have the entire floor covered with wood that we'd stained by the end of the day! All in all, a good weekend!

Friday, February 6

I actually had a Pretty Woman moment

And no, not the good kind. The being treated completely rudely in a store kind.

Here's what happened. This afternoon Sarah, my mom, and i went to shop for bridesmaid's dresses at Nancy's Bridal Boutique where i had not only taken the time to make an appointment, but actually called again to push the appointment back by a half hour because i knew we would be running late.

So we get there five minutes early, walk into the store, and stand around the front of the store waiting for someone to talk to us. When no one had time to talk to us after a few minutes, we started looking around at the dresses. Then i tried again to get a saleswoman's attention by standing patiently at the front desk and waiting for her to finish the order form she was filling out. She realized i was there, looked up at me, and...answered the phone that was ringing instead of talking to the person standing in front of her!?! Okay. I went back to look at the dresses and came up to the front desk again a few minutes later. The saleswoman who already ignored me was still on the phone so i approached a salesman (seriously, it's a bridal store...) who was working on an order form and said something along the lines of, "Sorry to bother you, but i had an appointment and wanted to know who i needed to talk to." He responded by telling me that he would "be with me in a minute." His version of a minute must have been quite different from mine because he NEVER talked to me, even when he was done.

By this time, we'd probably been in the store for at least fifteen minutes without being greeted or approached by a single person. We had also pulled at least twelve bridesmaid dresses we wanted to try on. So instead of waiting around for the incredibly rude salespeople to talk to us, we approached the youngest person on the staff who was probably in high school or college and asked to use a dressing room. She showed us to a dressing room where Sarah tried on the dresses while i continued to pull dresses we wanted to try off of the rack. She probably tried on at least twenty dresses and not a single salesperson even spoke to us other than the girl we spoke to about the dressing room. It was insane!

Long story short, we found the dress that i think is the bridesmaid dress i want but of course will not be buying it from Nancy's Bridal Boutique, which must make a point of hiring the rudest salespeople on the planet. As we were leaving, we made a point of thanking the girl who actually took the time to talk to us and making sure to mention that she was the only one that spoke to us in our entire time in the store!

Not only have they lost my business, they have lost the business of anyone i talk to about the store. They have, however, gained my complaints, which i will be sure to voice directly to them on their website as well as anywhere else i can find to review them. Rrrr...