Wednesday, November 12

Phonebooks, crockpots, and money for books

Finally! The phonebook companies have decided to let you opt out of recieving phonebooks by going to this site. I'm especially excited since i got a whopping four phonebooks last month that supposedly all contained different information that i know i won't ever use (unless somehow my internet and my cellphone stop working...)

Other than that exciting revelation, i feel like i've been getting a ton done lately. I made a cute fall sign for my door since it was time to take down my Halloween one and, as much as i love Christmas, i can't justify putting my wreath up yet. I also cooked two meals in my crockpot. Last week i made chili, which was perfect with the weather getting colder. Then i made a pot roast this weekend to use up some of the potatoes that i've had sitting around. I also finished knitting two scarves and started a blanket. I cleaned my apartment and finally broke down and bought a new tv since my other one was showing a rainbow screen for about five minutes every time i turned it on. My new tv is a flatscreen and a widescreen so it seems huge. Plus, i never spend money on electronics so i totally felt like a boy while i was buying it. But it is really cute!!!

At school, i convinced my boss to let us have one Wednesday afternoon a month to lesson plan and grade papers instead of having a pointless meeting. It's not ideal, but i can only be opinionated for so long without getting too confrontational for my tastes. Let me tell you, having that hour this afternoon was totally worth it. I managed to finish almost all of my lesson plans for the rest of the semester. Yay! I also found out almost all of the grant money that the Carmel Rotary Club was working on getting for me, which means i have a whopping $5,200 to spend on books. Yay, yay, yay!!! The copy machiene is going to be lonely without me using it to copy books all the time... And after the success of the Halloween party, the student government has moved on to raising money for Thanksgiving dinners at Wheeler Misison. I'm hoping that we'll be able to provide at least a hundred dinner. We'll see how it goes.

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Rebecca said...

oh my, thanks so much for the tip on the phonebooks-- I've been trying to figure this out forever! just last week we had 4 (!) delivered...yeesh!