Tuesday, January 13

So i have been doing a TON of planning for our wedding. I guess i've surprised a lot of people, or so i've heard, with how much i have one already, but that's how i am with things i'm excited about. And i was really excited to start planning our wedding!!!

At this point we have the date (Friday September 11th, 2009), the minister (Jenni Crowley), and the reception (and possible ceremony) venue that is absolutely gorgeous!!! I've also gone to three stores to try on wedding dresses. So far there's nothing i'm ready to buy, but i'm definitely getting a feel for what i like and what looks good on me.

With all of that going on and starting second semester at school last week, things have been really stressful. So my new rule of thumb to keep in mind when i'm planning is:

DO have fun. It might be more work when you DIY or have to really search and barter, but the fact is it's not just one day! It can be a whole little journey where you connect with your family and friends and rediscover just how exciting it can be to say "I Love You!"

Do you know that in Judaism, your wedding starts the moment that you get engaged, and only ends a year after your wedding? I love this, because for me the process has been so enlightening, and the journey is perhaps as important as the destination.

-taken from A Practical Wedding who took it from Mama's Getting Married

And as much as i don't want to worry about what i look like for my wedding, i am not happy with myself at the moment. That's not to say that i'm unhappy, just that i could be happier with myself. I would love to be able to say that i was in "the best shape of my life" when i got married, but that's going to take some work... So i talked to my trainer today and we are going to try working out four times a week for a half-hour instead of the two times a week for an hour that i've been doing. We're also going to work on what i'm eating because i haven't been watching that very well. (Of course as i say this i'm eating chips and salsa for dinner...)

Anyway, i know how i am and i know that if i write about it i'll be more likely to stick to it and to let go of some of the stress i'm feeling. As it is, i'm feeling better about all of the stuff i need to get done because i got to write about all the stuff i have gotten done. And of course the wedding that i'm looking forward to!!!


Anonymous said...

You are a wonder woman. The venue for the reception is AMAZING!!! And I can't believe you have already tried on dresses.
I, too, am attempting to get in better shape for your wedding...so if you need a little encouragement, support, or just to know that someone else is in the same boat, call me.
Also, I'm soooo excited for you and I know that I can't really go with you and visit places and see dresses and all that because I live on the wrong side of the country, but you can always always always call me about anything, especially with wedding ideas and plans and I will do my best to help from far away.

I love you and I'm super excited for September to come and it means that I get to see my bestest best friend again in only 9 short months.

good luck with everything, and seriously, if there is anything I can do from here to help you, please!!! let me help you!

Joanna said...

Wedding planning is so exciting- it's great that you've started, and you have an idea what you want! I had no idea. At all. Good luck getting everything together these next 9 months, and keep us posted!


just stumbled across your blog...i enjoy your posts :)