Tuesday, June 9

How did i do with my goals for the past week?

Well, i didn't manage to work out every day, but i did work out four times, which is more than i was doing last month. I'm definitely doing better at motivating myself, so hopefully this week will work out with

The new recipes i tried out were AWESOME!!! We cooked all three of them and will definitely be making them again. My favorite of the three was definitely the beef and portobello minestroganoff (can you tell it's a Rachel Ray recipe with the cutesy, wootsey name?), but Andy liked both the strawberry chicken club and the spinach and ricotta pasta. This week i'll be making more of the spinach and ricotta pasta because we have enough ingredients to make another batch and trying out at least two new recipes. My plan is to pick out recipes that will work for a picnic because on Friday we're going to the IMA to see Roman Holiday! I'm SO excited because seeing a movie at the IMA has been one of the things that i've been wanting to do forever. Yay!

I also finished two books and am almost done with the cowl i've been knitting forever. So i'm working my way through my list of things i wanted to accomplish this summer;) Sorry if all of this isn't as interesting to you as it is to me. I feel much more accomplished when i list the things i've done instead of just knowing i've done them.

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