Monday, July 27

Two things.

Two things.

The first thing has to do with a discussion i overheard about the idea of blogging. One person asked another, "Do you have a blog?" And that person replied, "No. If i want to write something, i journal about it. Why would i want everyone else to read it?" So the basic point of the discussion was: what is the point of blogging??? It's a simple question, but it got me thinking. Why do i blog?

To me, blogging is completely different from journaling. When i journal, which i haven't done for quite a while, it's for my own benefit. It's to get ideas out, mostly when i'm frustrated or confused. But i haven't been doing that for a while because i am spending a lot less time by myself, so a lot of the emotions i would get out by journaling about them are gotten out by talking to Andrew about them, which i honestly don't think is a bad thing. It makes me closer to him because he knows more about me and because i have less time to overanalyze my thoughts. Instead of getting stuck on one thought or emotion, i am forced to work through them and move on, which is ultimately much better for me.

When i blog, it's to share things i'm thinking about, articles i found interesting, or to get feedback from the few people that actually read my blog. And while i think that i'm interesting enough and have some interesting things to say, i don't know if it's enough that i need to have a blog to say what i want to say. Basically, i don't have any answers to this question, but i did think it was an interesting thing to think about. Anyone else want to join the discussion?

The second thing is that i want to share something i read today about pre-wedding nerves. I honestly am not nervous about the wedding at this point. I know that i want to marry Andrew and i think the fact that we're already living together has made that much more clear since we've already established a life together. I admit things were not perfect when we first moved in together, but i'm really glad that we were able to work through those things before the wedding. I know that i'll probably be nervous as we get closer to the wedding and i like the things that this writer points out about those nerves.

However, the thing to remember is that clinging to a routine and habit is a grasp at the familiar and safe, and few people have discovered true happiness without putting themselves out there and taking a leap of faith. And remember, getting married isn’t a risk as long as you really know and love the person you’re marrying. I would bet that your sig other is probably the person you adore most on this planet, and they’re not a scary person (unless they’re a trained assassin or something, and then you have a whole other set of issues that we don’t have time to discuss here). In fact, they’re the opposite; they want to bring you happiness, comfort, joy and all those other great, mushy feelings. I guess what I’m saying here is, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nuf said.

The second reason people get a bit shaky about the future is they start thinking about all the “what ifs,” many of which aren’t even based in reality. What if my husband gets terminally ill? What if my wife has stroke and I can’t cope with it? What if he cheats on me (even though he’s never, ever shown anything that would even remotely make you suspicious)? What if we hit upon a problem (often money-related) that drives us apart? To be honest, you can “what if” yourself into the ground for practically anything, but when it comes to a commitment for the rest of your life, the supply of “what ifs” is infinite. Which is why this line of inquiry can only lead down a dark road. You can never prepare for anything and everything that marriage will throw at you. But you can pick the partner who you know will be the perfect companion to help you face all those “what ifs.” So before you start asking all those questions, ask yourself if this is the best person to help you face all the “what ifs” that may come up. Chances are the answer is “yes.”
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Marshmlo10 said...

I wasn't nervous until the day before, and then I think I was just nervous about the actual wedding - not the marriage. Maybe I just didn't think about it too hard or enough, but I was excited to get married and still am! It is so COMFORTABLE.