Thursday, September 17

All of these people keep asking me how it feels to be married. The truth is it doesn't feel all that different from before. Yes there are some major differences: i have another ring on my finger, he has a ring on his finger, and of course we can engage in an activity we didn't engage in before we were married (if you know what i mean...).

The truth is, being married feels really natural, and i think a large part of that has to do with our living together before we got married. While some people look down on that, i think that it was right for us because we got used to being around each other all the time. We got used to living in the same apartment and sharing our space and our time and ourselves. Instead of having to make a huge transition after our wedding, we simply were able to go back to our life together. The life that we'd already established and figured out. Except we're married now.

It's not that it doesn't feel different to be married. I feel much more secure in my relationship with Andrew because i know that we've made a lifetime commitment to each other. I know we are in this together and we're going to make it work. But i'm able to feel secure in those subtle differences because so many things are also the same.

And while i know most people take their honeymoons directly after the wedding, we've chosen to take ours later,
which has allowed us to come back to our normal life and connect with each other in that way. Instead of separating
ourselves from the rest of the world in order to relax, we're able to experience the rest of the world and come home to
each other in order to relax. And that's a wonderful feeling.

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Marshmlo10 said...

We sort of felt the same way - not a big change, but a good step.

FYI, I highly recommend Mackinac Island for your honeymoon - we LOVED it this weekend! I think it was even better than our honeymoon in St. Lucia.