Wednesday, December 2

A beautiful description of advent

Advent is the preparation for the coming of Christ. It is a return to simplicity so that we can focus, be penitent, and prepare ourselves for His coming. If you knew He were coming here again on December 25th, how would you spend your time? This is the mindset we are to have during Advent. We are supposed to be actually removing distractions instead of adding to them.

It is in stark contrast to how we normally behave during the month of December. Hearing him say it out loud was a reality check. I know I tend to whip myself into a frenzy this month. All the rushing around, stretching yourself in all different directions, attending too many parties, buying and shopping all the time. It's ok, and even appropriate to step back, take a breath and always remember who and what event you are anticipating. I think it's easy to forget that we are not celebrating ourselves, or the deep discounts at the mall, but something far more meaningful and important.

I hope this helps someone else, like it did for me.

-Taken from this blog

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