Wednesday, January 13

My values

I was reading blogs today and i read a post from Carmen discussing blogging about her values. Even though I know what my values are, I love the opportunity to learn more about myself so of course I was excited when her blog directed me to this to help determine your values more concretely. (If you're wondering what to do when you follow the link, pick 15 values and then push the "play on" button. You'll have directions to follow from there.)

Here are my values according to that site:

My most important value is:
Religion/Spirituality (strong religious/spiritual beliefs)
For me this means t
he belief that God has a plan for my life that is bigger than anything I can imagine.

Another value is Family Happiness
For me this means maintaining a close relationship with my family and loving and supporting them no matter what.

Another value is Friendship (Close relationship with others)
For me this means having people in my life who really know, understand, and appreciate me for who I am.

Another value is Integrity (honest, sincerity, standing up for oneself)
For me this means having the ability to know that I am making decisions and acting in a way that I am proud of.

Another value is Creativity (being imaginitive, innovative)
And this means allowing myself time to express my thoughts however I want and taking time to explore the creativity of others.

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