Sunday, March 7

Have you seen this movie?

Because if not, you need to. We finally watched it this weekend and absolutely loved it.

My favorite part is when Maya Rudolph's character, Verona, talks about how she had a orange tree in her yard when she was growing up. Her dad always went out and looked to see if there were any oranges on the tree, so one day Verona's mom takes her and her sister out to the orange tree early in the morning and they hang all kinds of fruits on the tree. Then they hide and wait for her dad to come out and look at the tree. When he sees the fruit, he believes it for a full minute before he figures out that it can't possibly be real. From that point on, Verona says that sometimes a member of their family would go out and hang fruit from the orange tree.

The thing I love about that part of the movie is that it seems exactly like something my family would do. We have had a number of continuing jokes over the years. One of the longest running ones was a rubber spider that made appearances in various places around the house to scare me and my sister - but mostly me... For some reason, to me, these continuing jokes are one of the things that remind me of the importance of family.

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