Sunday, April 18

Rambling thoughts on blogging

Picture taken from this post.

I have been feeling rather uninspired lately when it comes to blogging. Most of my posts lately have been inspired by other people's blogs and wanting to repost things that they've written that I don't want to forget and want to share with others.

That brings me to my thoughts on blogging lately. I want to share my thoughts with others, but I don't feel like anyone actually reads my blog. And I don't want to be one of those whiney bloggers who posts about no one reading their blog in order to get comments saying things like "Of course we do!" and "I love what you have to say!" But I am not sure if I want to blog simply for the sake of blogging if no one is going to read what I'm writing. I LOVE reading people's posts and am daily inspired by something that I read, but I also want to feel that I'm contributing to that inspiration as well as connecting with people.

So is there a point to all this rambling? Not really. I just needed to express what I'm feeling about my blog lately and to take some time to consider why I'm blogging and who I'm blogging for.

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