Thursday, June 10

At the start of summer

Well, summer is officially here!  And even though I'm teaching summer school, it's so nice to have a bit of a break.  The students in summer school always work really hard because they know that when they finish the class they're working on they don't have to come to summer school anymore.  We're not even a week in and I already have three students finished!

Other than teaching summer school, I've been working around the house.  We still have some stuff to move over from the apartment, but we should get that taken care of in the next week or two.  Right now, we're just having fun figuring out where everything should go.  We're also working our way through redoing the flowerbeds that the previous owners covered with a layer of plastic and then three to four layers of river rocks.  In order to be able to plant anything, we have to get rid of the plastic and rocks first, which is about as much fun as it sounds like it is to move...

I'm also working on planning our honeymoon.  At this point, we're thinking of flying into Boston and spending a day or two there.  Then we'll either rent a car and drive or take the train up to Portland, Maine.  We'll hang out there for a few days, traveling a little south to see some of the smaller towns (including Kennebunkport which I'm really excited to see!) and then head north towards Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  On the list of things to do while in Maine:  see as many lighthouses as possible, see lobster, try lobster (neither Andy or I has ever had it), go whale/seal/puffin watching, go on a boat, and I'm sure there are some other things that I'm missing.  Anyway, if anyone's been to Boston/Maine I would love some suggestions of things to do/places to go.

On a completely different note, has anyone ever been to When Eddie Met Salad?  I went today for the first time and it was AMAZING!  I had the Sante Fe chicken wrap, which is not something I would normally get but it was so good.  I can't wait to go back and try some of the other food there.  Just thought I'd mention it in case any of you have been passing it by like I had until today.

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Erika said...

Your house (from the pictures I've seen) is looking great! I can't wait for the tour while I'm in Indy this summer! I'm so excited!

Boston and Maine for your honeymoon? That sounds so exciting! John's drooling over your fresh lobster experience. Who knows maybe we'll live there and you can come visit us!

Enjoy summer. It really is SO nice!