Wednesday, October 1

4 things

4 things i did today

  • woke up early and then was sad that i don't get to watch my yoga guru anymore (note to self: call comcast...)
  • taught my darling children
  • ate salad for lunch even though i was at Max and Erma's because i was thinking about talking to my trainer tomorrow
  • drank at Debi's for WAY longer than expected and felt totally taken care of when she made me a grilled cheese sandwich;)

4 things to do

  • pay rent!!! (hopefully this is the month i figure out my online payment)
  • drink LOTS of water (to negate the previous drinking )
  • try not to concentrate on my current wedding planning obsession since so many of my friends are getting married
  • finish reading at least one of the four books i'm reading

4 guilty guilties

  • reading other people's blogs
  • playing scramble on facebook
  • listening to books on cd (i think it's pretty dorky, but i just love being able to accomplish something while i'm driving to work)
  • watching pretty much every design/style/cooking competition on Bravo

4 randoms

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE perogies
  • i kind of like grading papers
  • having a fan running while i'm sleeping is essential to my getting a good night's sleep
  • i don't think i could live without my kittens;)

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