Sunday, October 12

Just a thought

"When a group of folks are committed to mutual spiritual development, we can be transparent and vunerable because we can trust that others will have our best interests at hear as they speak the truth in love to us. They will know us as we are and will lovingly force us to arrive at the same knowledge." -Monk Habits for Everyday People: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants by Dennis Okholm

I love the idea of this as something to strive for in a community. At Chris and Steve's wedding i got to hang out with a lot of friends from church, all of whom i know and love. It made me realize, yet again, just how much i appreciate having these people in my life and getting to be a part of their lives. It's nice to be able to be yourself around people and have them love you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but when I read "a group of folks," all I could think of was the last time I listened to presidental debates and this phrase coming out of Bush's mouth.

Holy Cow, where did the time go? Can you believe senior year was four years ago? I need to be a less sucky friend...I also need to mail Andy his coat back, especially since it's getting cold here.

I love you and miss you. You rock my face on a consistant basis, even if you cannot see that you do, indeed, rock it!