Monday, October 27

Fall break!

This past Thursday- Sunday was fall break. I totally needed it because i'd survived nine weeks of school and managed to make it without getting sick. (Here's hoping i don't get sick at all because i got my flu shot.) Most of the weekend was spent hanging out with Andy because he took the days off to spend time with me since last Monday was my birthday and last Wednesday was our three year anniversary (if you wanna be all official like that, though we've technically been together longer than that...) He took me out to lunch and dinner and bought me the flowers in the picture because i'm SUCH a girl like that. I like to get flowers at every opportunity. Overall, it was a really relaxing break because we didn't do much other than sleep, eat, read, watch tv and movies, and hang out with my cats. That's my idea of a good break!

The other thing that i FINALLY got done was my felted purse !!! (Can you tell i just learned to add pictures?)I've actually been done knitting it for a long time, i just hadn't taken the time to actually felt it, mostly because i was a little nervous about how it would turn out. But after two times through the washer with hot water it turned out beautifully! (Thanks to Emma and Dawn for the encouragement to knit something that's hardre than a scarf or a blanket. And for their help for some of the more technical knitting stuff that i didn't understand at the time.) I did pick up some knitting books when i was at the library so we'll see what i end up knitting next, besides the scarf that i'm working on, which i should add i'm very proud of because i managed to figure out the pattern all by myself!

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Joanna said...

I love the bag! Way to go! I know how to knit, but haven't tackled felting yet. I need to get back to my projects I abandoned in the spring...