Thursday, October 23


I am: complicated.
I think: too much.
I know: words are beautiful.
I have: two kittens.
I wish: I could make my students care as much as i do.
I hate: depression.
I miss: my roomie.
I fear: icky bugs (aka all bugs other than ladybugs...)
I hear: purring kittens.
I smell: laundry.
I crave: ice cream. Mmm...
I search: for awesome stuff at Goodwill.
I wonder: why i'm tired when i slept more than normal today.
I regret: not being confident earlier in life.
I love: Andrew and my family.
I ache: cause my trainer kicked my butt today.
I am not: able to come up with an answer for this one...
I believe: in God and that people are good.
I dance: with people.
I sing: A LOT. Almost every time i'm in the car.
I cry: to express almost all of my emotions.
I fight: my expectations of how things are going to happen.
I win: at scramble. I am a scramble genius (most of the time).
I lose: my patience.
I never: agree with going to war.
I always: love kittens.
I confuse: my students.
I listen: when i need to.
I can usually be found: with Andrew or my family.
I am scared: of losing the people i love.
I need: reassurance.
I am happy about: being on fall break.
I imagine: getting engaged and married.

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