Sunday, October 19

We play Wii

Today has been a good day.
  • I woke up in a wonderful mood. Spent some time reading and drinking coffee, before heading to Sunday school.
  • Andy and i headed over to my parent's house where we hung out with them and Sarah since she was home for the weekend. Andy brought his Wii over and we got my parents addicted. The funny thing is that their favorite games were the shooting games (aka duck hunt). They seriously were cracking up while they were playing.
  • We watched the crappy Colts game and decided that #23 needed to be pulled from the game, or that Peyton needed to "accidentally" tackle him...
  • We had cake, ice cream, and presents for my birthday. My presents included an Indian purse and blanket, a black beaded shawl, and 3 purple Pyrex dishes to add to my ever growing collection of 20 some pieces.
  • Now i'm watching Andy and my dad play tennis. My dad has decided that his new favorite Mii to play Wii with is Buddha:) And i have to say that i absolutely LOVE how well Andy gets along with my family.


Chrysti said...

You think the Colts were bad? You should see the Bengals this year... :p

Anonymous said...

Somehow it seems fitting that your dad would like to play as Buddha.