Saturday, November 29

Pretty amazing

So this has been a wonderful break so far. I spent Wednesday cleaning my apartment and putting up my Christmas decorations. I figured the day before Thanksgiving was long enough to wait...

On Thanksgiving, Andy and i woke up and went to the Drumstick Dash in Broadripple so that we could eat tons of Thanksgiving food. After that, we went to my parents and hung out with me family. We watched the parade and the dog show (have i mentioned how much i love dvr?), ate Thanksgiving dinner, and played Wii and Dutch Blitz.

Yesterday, i braved the crowds and went out on black Friday for the first time ever. I had a fun time, especially since i got to hang out with my sister (and then later in the morning with my sleepyhead boyfriend...) Since i have most of my Christmas shopping done, most of the stuff i bought were splurges for me.

I've been getting a lot done lately because i've been in a project mood for the past week or so. I made pillowcases last weekend, which reminded me of my somewhat decent sewing skills. I've been knitting a lot lately too. I finished two scarves and got yarn to make a blanket when i was out yesterday. The new project i've been working on for two days now is scrapbooking. I tried it when i was in high school and couldn't get anywhere because i agonized over every decision. This time is different because i bought a scrapbooking kit so that all of the stuff goes together. That makes it a lot easier and more fun for me. I'm hoping to work through all of my pictures since college by Christmas (i don't take that many pictures) which i should be able to do at the rate i'm working;)

I've also watched a bunch of movies. I just finished No Reservations, which i totally thought would be stupid. It was somewhat predictable, but cute. And in my shopping extravaganza yesterday i bought Juno, 27 Dresses, The Holiday, and My Best Friend's Wedding. I watched Juno for the third time yesterday night and was surprised that there were still things i hadn't caught the first two times around. Nothing too terrific, just some running jokes that were very Arrested Development. Not surprising since two of the cast members were in the series.

And the beautiful picture that i have in this post is taken from this site. I love it!

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Nancy said...

Hey - glad to hear you made it to the Drumstick Dash. I totally meant to text you on Wednesday night to let you know I wasn't going to do it. Sorry I didn't let you know. Sounds like you got some good bargains - did you hit the $2 and $4 DVD sales that I saw in the paper? I was tempted!