Friday, January 23

An interesting challenge

1. Go through one whole day of your life with your phone turned off.
2. Take a shower and go through the WHOLE process of getting ready (put on REAL clothes) without once stopping to check email, answer the phone, or otherwise multitask in any way.
3. Run/walk fast for 20 minutes a day for 5 days straight.
4. Spend 1/2 hour of uninterrupted time curled up with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee.
5. Sign up for "keep the change" savings or some other AUTOMATED savings account.
6. Get 8 hours of sleep, 3 nights in a row.  (Preferably waking up and going to bed at the same time).
7. For just one night, go to bed in a peaceful environment: tv off, clean sheets, cool room, no clutter.
8. Do yoga/stretching one night before bed.
9.  Start the day with 25 crunches.
10. Pay $50 extra to one credit card.
11. Call up a friend from the past you haven't talked to in more than a year.
12. Call up a parent or grandparent and talk until THEY say they have to get off the phone.
13. Write a handwritten letter to the most important person in your life and tell them that.
14. Grab lunch with a group of friends: agree that cell phones, to-do lists, or anything else that would distract any of you from being present are strictly forbidden.
15.  Cook a read dinner and ENJOY is like you're on the Food Network: grab your favorite person, pour a glass of wine, cook with fresh, yummy ingredients like basil and garlic that make you feel all professional and like you ACTUALLY know what you're doing...
16. Start the day with a 1/2 hour of quiet.  Just find time to be you again.
17. For 5 days straight, make the time to wash you face, brush AND floss your teeth, put on pajamas, and go to bed BEFORE you fall asleep on the couch.  It's not that comfortable anyway.
18. Take a drive: forget about how much it's costing you in gas, don't have a destination, errands are absolutely forbidden.  Just drive.
19. Cook one meal with a crock pot.
20. Even if you work from home, for one day get dressed up all office chic.
21. Clean your WHOLE house.  You won't believe how much better you'll feel.
22. For one week, take a whole hour for lunch.  No work allowed.
23. Sit in Barnes and Nobles with a coffee and a stack of magazines...they're free if you read them there! :)
24. For one week, recycle your junk mail the second you get it.
25. Sit and pet the family pet for a 1/2 hour...they need lovin' too.

I don't know which ones i'll be doing yet, but i definitely plan on doing them.

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nikki/WhiMSy love said...

This is great! My hubby, kids & I do #23 ALL the time!
I might just have to copy this & get going on the challenge.