Monday, April 6

Late night (or technically early morning) ramblings

So i haven't been doing a good job of posting lately, mostly because i haven't been doing anything that interesting. Well, interesting to me, but probably not to anyone else...

Anyway, since i'm on spring break this week i have plans to get all kinds of things accomplished, the main thing being moving to our new apartment on Wednesday!!! I'm about halfway through painting my beautiful purple kitchen and blue bedroom back to boring white in my old apartment. I can't believe that people don't paint their apartments more often. Yes, you're only living there temporarily, but that's one of the few things you can change if you're willing to take the time to paint it and then repaint it before you move out. Now that my walls are back to all white, i can't tell you how glad i am that i painted so that my apartment had some personality while i've lived here the past two years.

I'm also working on Peter Walshing (as in the professional organizer who was on Clean Sweep and is now on Oprah from time to time) most of my stuff before i move so that i'm not moving things i don't use. I have a tendency to hold onto things for sentimental reasons or because i think that i might, possibly need it for some reason in the future. I'm getting better about getting rid of stuff, especially because both Andy's family and my own have a TON of stuff that they don't need or use sitting around and we've both decided we need to try to stay away from that. We'll see how long that works;)

Speaking of moving, i realized that i haven't given much thought to this whole moving in together thing. While some people have been surprised by our decision to move in together before the wedding, i don't see any problem with it. Andy and i spend half our time at each other's apartments (or debating who will be going to whose apartment) that it only makes sense. On top of that, we'll be saving almost all of the money he's been paying in rent because the rent on our new apartment is only $100 more than the rent on my current apartment. Seriously! $100 more a month for an extra bedroom AND bathroom. Sweet!!! It'll be an adjustment to get used to being around each other all the time, but i think it'll be fine.

The other thing i'm working on this week is stuff for the wedding. We started looking at tuxes this weekend at the shop where i ordered my dress, which i'll be getting in a few months!!! Who knew there are so many different styles of tuxes? Seriously! We're also working on hotels for out of town guests and ourselves for the wedding night (!) I'm also hoping to finish up the centerpieces for the reception this week, but we'll see since i've already thrown my sleep schedule out the window in favor of reading blogs, finishing a book, sorting through papers, and resisting the urge to eat food that i shouldn't since i really should be in bed. In fact, i think i'll head there now so i'm not too tired to enjoy my day tomorrow!

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