Thursday, April 2

Spring Break Eve

That's right. It's finally time for me to start spring break. Other than moving to a new apartment with Andy (!!!) my break doesn't involve anything too exciting. But i do like the idea of appreciating everything that i get to do so i'll start with tonight:
  • I shopped at Goodwill!
  • Ate wonderfully delicious yellow curry at Jasmine Thai with Andy (aka the Thai place next door to Yogokiss which is my new food obsession). I swear i could eat it at least once a day for a week or so without getting tired of it. As much as i'd like to try that, i don't think i can afford quite that much Thai food... Though it would be cheaper than if i had actually gone somewhere for spring break.
  • Watched the ER series finale, which was wonderful. I loved the fact that they had Rachel Green on as a student applying to med school and who doesn't love the fabulous Alexis Bledel aka Rory Gilmore!?!
  • Finished knitting a scarf while watching ER so i was able to feel productive while watching three continuous hours of TV. Yay!

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Erika said...

I LOVE Spring Break Eve! Pedicure and Chile Rellanos for me this evening! Good luck moving!