Monday, April 20

Random thoughts

  • I just have to say that i'm LOVING the Pure Michigan commercials that have been on tv lately. They make me so happy when i see them!
  • It was the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shooting today and i managed to not get shot. Yay!
  • We're almost all moved. We have some furniture and smaller stuff to get out of Andy's old apartment, but that's it. Things are starting to come together. We put a new bookshelf together to hold all of the electronics, video games, and dvds. We put some pictures on the walls. It feels like home. And we haven't killed each other yet!
  • Before spring break, the principal told the math teacher that she won't be teaching at our school next year. Then i managed to completely piss off the principal on Friday of last week... So today i went in and told her that i appreciate her telling me when i have done something wrong so that i can fix it and that this school/students/job is very important to me. She's happy again and i'm assuming i still have a job for next year since she told me that i definitely get to teach summer school this summer, which means that i don't have to find a summer job!
  • And i'm getting a lot accomplished so far this week. I even started working out again since i've taken a week or so off.

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our little love nest said...

I love the quotes on the side of your blog! xo