Tuesday, July 7

One of my former students has cancer again. She was in remission for the year that i taught her and came to Options because she had missed too much school to attend a regular high school. But i just learned through facebook that her cancer is back and terminal.

Do i have any relationship with this student anymore? No. I only taught her for a year, but the fact that she's a year younger than my little sister and discussing if she'll have time to complete her bucket list and how her parent's and brother will deal with her passing tears me up inside. She has been brave and determined and fighting hard, but now she knows that it's almost done and is facing it with such grace. She is an amazing example to those around her and i pray that she gets to experience everything she wants to.

If you would like to help her accomplish the things on her bucket list, go to her etsy store and purchase some of her jewelry.

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Anonymous said...

Such a small world. She came in to where I get my haircut last week. I'm sure it is the same girl, because it is the same story. I don't know her, but hearing her story brought tears to my eyes.