Thursday, October 1

I love...

Being married. Reading blogs. Finding new projects. Finding new recipes. Cooking. Baking. Knitting. Scrapbooking. Pictures of people i love. Pedicures. Manicures. Massages. Red wine. Comfy blue jeans. Cozy sweaters. Flip flops. Teaching. My students. Reading aloud. Being read aloud to. Sunny days. Starry nights. Hors d'oeuvres. Yoga. The smell of fall. The smell of flowers. The Target one dollar section. Excuses to get dressed up. Pretty dresses. Feeling pretty. Cuddling with kittens. Candles. Road trips. Reading an engrossing book. Best friends. Sunrises. Sunsets. India. Michigan. Portland. Scarves. Mittens. Cupcakes. Experiencing new things. Going on adventures. Smiles. Shopping at Fresh Market. Dancing. Laughing. Bruschetta. Garlic bread. Italian food. Farmers' Markets. Bookstores. Thrift stores. Fluffy down comforters. Spending the day in bed. Naps. Learning new things. Musicals. Brunch. Words. Well-crafted sentences. The smell of toothpaste. The midwest. Chai lattes. Cinammon sugar toast. Good listeners. Illegally picking tulips. When you can just hang out with someone and not have to talk. Proper grammar and correct punctuation. Finding the word you want. The smell of lilacs. Yellow roses. Yellow curry. Taking long, hot baths. Old friends. Getting flowers. Giving flowers. Board games. Organizing. Yogokiss. Love.

What things comfort you, calm you, inspire you, delight you, and make your heart go pitter-patter?

The idea for this post (and a bunch of the loved items) borrowed from here.

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Stacy said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing - we all need to think of the things we love more often - and ward of bad, negative thoughts!