Wednesday, December 16

...and having him at that table in that kitchen was really the first time I understood that we were about to give this thing our best effort, despite not having a plan and despite the fact that neither of us had wanted a relationship when we met, much less a long-distance one. We would give it our best shot, because the way we were together demanded it. And so we did. - Taken from this blog

It's been a while since i've thought about the beginning of our relationship, but this reminded me so much of us because that's exactly how we were. We went through huge debates about whether or not we would start a relationship because we were apart and it would have to be long distance. We supposedly made up our minds several times and then changed our minds again. And again. And again.

We finally came to a decision, yet again, that we were not going to start a relationship. And then i got a call in the next day or two that his mom had passed away and that decision didn't matter anymore. I called him and told him i'd do whatever he needed me to do because that was the only thing i could think to do. And during that time, we both realized how much we meant to each other and from that point on we realized that we'd been in a relationship the whole time we'd been debating about it and that we were going to do what we could to make it work. And so we did.

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