Friday, April 2

Review of my goals: March

1. Read (and record and reflect on the books i read)
I haven't been making much progress because I'm reading three books at once, but I'm still reading. One of the three books is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and it's really, really good!
2. Read the Bible. That's right. The WHOLE thing.
I have made major progress in the Bible during March. I finished Exodus and Leviticus and have moved onto Numbers. And I'm actually enjoying most of what I'm listening to (remember I'm listening to the Bible) because it makes m understand how much God cares about the Israelites to give them all of the laws they are supposed to live by.
3. Write letters.
I have been doing a great job of writing to my pen pal through Barnabas Ministries, but not so good on the birthday cards. That is one of the projects I'm going to work on over spring break and I'm really excited about it.
4. Spend ten minutes a day moving my body.
I have been really inconsistent about working out, but I went on a walk yesterday and loved being outside in the sun, so my plan is to start walking every day for at least a half hour. I know that I'm better at walking with someone else so that I have them to convince me to go even when I don't want to, but sadly my friend Katie who I walked with almost every day in college is all the way in Michigan so I'll have to see if I can convince Andrew to walk with me. Or I'll keep my eyes open for someone else who's willing to walk with me?
5. Commit to following my bliss, meaning that i'm going to stop doing things because i feel like i should but because i want to.
I need to stop focusing so much on finding a house. We've managed to put offers on three houses that all didn't work out, and we're to the point where we're running out of houses that are already on the market and are waiting for more houses to go on the market. I might be just a little obsessed... I'm hoping to take a break from that and have some fun over spring break. Wish me luck!

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