Saturday, June 19

How to meet and make friends with the neighbors

  1. Lose a branch from one of the two trees in your yard during a storm.
  2. Clean up the branch and put it out for trash day before any of your neighbors even realize that the branch fell.  (If trash day conveniently happens to be the next day, this will be extremely easy!)
  3. Lose another branch from the same tree during another storm so that about half of your tree is gone.  Poor sad tree:(
  4. Attempt to clean up the branch, but realize you don't own the right tools for the job at the same time your neighbor crosses the street  to help you carrying his chainsaw and an extension cord.
  5. Do not repeat too often or your neighbors may get annoyed that you won't buy your own tools.  
But for now, I'm really enjoying meeting the neighbors.  The neighbors on either side of us and across the street are awesome people who all have a dog (or dogs) and a kid (or kids).  We'll know where to go when we need advice for either!

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

hahaha good advice! We just lost a limb from an enormous gum tree and when I say enormous... i really mean bigger.
Our neighbours were not happy. Especially since we accidentally burnt down their fence too. XD hehehe