Wednesday, June 16

Look at what we'll be seeing on our honeymoon!

That's right!  One of the first things we're going to do in Maine is go on a moose safari.  Ever since I learned there was such a thing I've been dying to go, and now I'll finally get to!  We're going through a company called Mainely Photos in Millinocket, Maine.  The company is run by two professional photographers who give you a money-back guarantee that you see at least one moose.  I can't wait!

Image from this site


Joanna said...

When are you going to Maine??

We're headed there the week before July 4th on a road trip/camping trip to Niagara Falls then Bar Harbor/Acadia Nat'l Park. I hadn't heard of a moose safari. I'll have to put it on our list!

G said...

We're going from July 9th to the 17th. We're flying into Bangor, going up to Millinocket for our moose safari, then over to Bar Harbor/Acadia and driving down the coast. That's awesome that you're going!

Kirsty said...

So cool! Love the pic! I've never seen a moose in Australia before haha